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Automated Crypto Bot Trading
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Money Vision

Automated Crypto Bot Trading System

MaticMinds does all the trading for you 24/7 30 days a month without complaining.

The Perfect Employee to have. Easy to setup in minutes and make profits on your trade as soon as you setup your configurations.

Easy Social Sharing

Best way to convince anybody is to "Share Your Results". Within a few clicks and a few seconds, you are ready show your results to your facebook account.

Easy Crypto Setup

Setup your favorite cryptos within a few seconds or minutes.

Setup is made simple to have fast deployments and very easy to understand even for the average Joe or Juan.

Leveraged Timing

Timing Leverage instead of Money Leverage. Setup all the cryptos you want even if you do not have a huge funding.

The system will only post your order if nearing the target price and will remove the buy order if it does not reach it.

Money Puzzle
Money Chart

Cryto Movement Detections

Movement settings detects if your funds if going low or the crypto is going down so it would switch to more conservative settings you have configure to maximize profits.

Control Consecutive Buys

You can control you daily or max "Buys" to avoid buying to much when its going down.

Also to take advantage of the down fall of crypto if it continues to go down.

Our System

Crypto Bot Trading

Configure your crypto trade settings and forget about it. Watch the system trade for you 24/7 with your specifications.

Movement Settings

Set your settings to adjust with crypto down movements to maximize your profits and put you in a profitable positions.

Maximize Positions

Set all cryptos you want to buy at the your price without having all the funds. System will notify you when it hits.

Make Money While Sleeping

Easiest way you can make money while you are sleeping and sharing the program.

Our Affiliates

Generous Direct Sale

Make 20 percent on every direct referrals on any package subscription, upgrades and renewals.

Unilevel Rewards

Generate 1 percent income up to 10 levels depending on the rank you are in.

Binary No Flush Out

Our Binary with NO FLUSH and NO DAILY LIMIT will send your income to the moon.

The Best Crypto Exchanges
Binance Crypto Exchange
GateIO Crypto Exchange
Coinbase Crypto Exchange
MEXC Global Crypto Exchange
Clients Trading Experience

MaticMinds is so simple and essential to your online business, I 💯 % recommend MaticMinds for simplified crypto bot trading!

Miguel Baldoza
Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA

Very easy system to use and trade 24/7 all year long for me.

Mharuz Odiaz
Los Angeles, CA

Very easy system to use and trade 24/7 all year long for me.

Ed Milliares
Rizal, Philippines

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